Lemak Lintah contains enzymes of Hirudo Medicinalis (Medicinal leeches). Modern medicine uses Hirudo Medicinalis (Medicinal leeches) to treat blood clotting for skin grafts. Another lesser known of the leech is the strengthening and enlargement of the male organ. The original formula was developed by the Javanese community.
For hundred of years the native man of Malaya/Java - the elite and adepts who usually keep 4 wives - have been using a special ointment to care for their penis and maintain its virility.
This traditional method and remedy have a striking similarity with the practice of desert Arab men known for their sexual prowess as explained in Sir R F Burton's translation of Sheikh Umar el-Nefzawi book entitled "Rawd at-Tirr" or in English, The Perfumed Garden. In chapter 17 of this classical Tunisian-Arab sex-journal of the 16th century, it expounded on how the penis can be made bigger and stronger with this massage oil:

" Prescriptions for Increasing the Dimensions of Small Members and for Making Them Splendid ....a fourth remedy is based upon the use made of leeches (Hirudo Medicinalis) but only of such as live in water (sic). You put as many of them into a bottle as can be got in and fill it up with oil. Then expose the bottle to the sun until the heat of the same has effected a complete mixture. With the fluid thus obtained, the member is to be rubbed several consecutive days and it will, by being thus treated, become of a good size and of full dimensions. The efficacy of all these remedies is well known and I have tested them."

The original Javanese recipe differs from that mentioned in Karma Sutra. The original Javanese recipe indicates that the leech and other herbs must be cooked inside fresh green coconuts and boiled over charcoals. This concoction eventually becomes a concentrated oil which is dark and thick. Masters of the art of penile enhancement have dwindled greatly in Indonesia. Original formulas have passed to descendents. Much more highly guarded are the mantras which are used to psychically enlarge the organ during the use of the oils.

[ Ingredients ]

Genuine oils are brewed in young coconuts over a complex ritual to enhance the formula's potency.

Leech oil (fats) 12g
Essence of leech 06g
Hirudo Medicinalis 20g
Aleurites Maluccana 06g
Cocos Nucifera Oil 16g

What is Hirudin?

Hirudin is a enzyme derived from the medicinal leech Hirudo Medicinalis, once used by doctors for bloodletting. Hirudin is often used following microsurgery (e.g. the replacement of a severed finger) to restore blocked or collapsed blood vessels and encourage the growth of new capillaries. The anticoagulants in the saliva of this and other species are now being investigated for the treatment and prevention of thrombosis.

This preparation is suitable for those who:

1. have problems in maintain and prolonging an erection.
2. want to increase/enhance their manhood.
3. want to avoid early release
4. want to strengthen the walls and the chambers weak urinary tract
5. develop and correct misplaced veins and poor blood flow

[ Advantages of this oil ]

1. Increase the size
2. Strengthens the walls, veins, muscles and chambers
3. Recover elasticity of urinary tract and seminal tract
4. Recover 6,666 vital veins
5. Smoother urinary flow

This oil is formulated using botanicals, herbs and oils that are well known for their special properties. The oil is further enhanced with Hirudo Medicinalis. The anticoagulant effect of Hirudin, along with the natural herbs and oils, encourages the natural process of regeneration of blood vessels along the length of the penis. If there are any obstructions in the blood vessels, the natural effect of the oil will clear them.

In cross section, the penis is divided into 3 compartments. Most of the penis is filled by 2 identical zones that are the ramrod- like corpora carvernosa (CC) that become erect when blood is trapped in thousands of sponge like spaces. The long thin compartment that runs along the underside of the penis in the middle is the corpus spongiosum (CS) that is the nerve center. When you start to get an erection, blood flows into these compartments causing the penis to enlarge. This happens because of physical or psychological stimulation. As blood enters these compartments, there is a temporary reduction in the rate and volume of blood leaving the penis.

This special oil is applied along the entire length of the penis. The massaging of the oil will improve blood flow into the corpora carvernosa (CC) resulting in more blood being trapped in its sponge like spaces. Male vigor and stamina is returned to the user as the natural process of regeneration of blood vessels allows for a better blood flow into these compartments, hence an enhanced erection. Most importantly, this oil is also used for esoteric massage to delay aging and to enhance mental faculty. Herein lies the key to an extraordinary control of ejaculation. When the veins are engorged with blood and energy, the physical exercises (included) trains the control of all major muscles along the penis. With regular use of the oil and the accompanying exercises, the user can learn to control these muscles to ejaculate at will. Thus, the can control if he wants an ejaculation, thus wasting precious energy, or to withhold the ejaculation and prolong the sexual encounter. The man with supreme control of these penile muscles can also experience multiple orgasm by with-holding ejaculation at the precise moment just before ejaculation. Through such controls, which becomes at will with practice, a man can have multiple orgasms as well as satisfy his female counterpart

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